You have no time? Train your beauty at the beauty center

1 October 2018

Are you one of those who plan the training program during the week but then you are too busy to follow strictly the plan because you have other priorities?

So you postponed everything at the weekend.

But most likely, during the weekend too, something unexpected happens and so you have to postpone the working-out until the next week.

You have good intentions to keep you fit.  

Every women wants a perfect body but most of the time do not have enough time to work out.

Panestetic knows these issues well and thanks to the constant research, which has led to the design of cutting-edge technologies, is able to offer you an alternative. 

Panestetic technologies are going to fill this gap thanks to the surprising results of the technologies developed. 

Eosonic Evolution is a routine treatment, which leads to weight loss and body firming. If carried out in a continuous way the results are guaranteed, as after a tiring workout.

Here are some of the astonished benefits of Eosonic Evolution thanks to the 8 transducers that work alone in an extremely high performance thanks to its 3 technologies: 

SHAPING WAVE  reducing, toning, shaping effect
PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION toning effect, accelerate the metabolism and regenerate the tissues
RADIOFREQUENCY tones the tissues and improves the orange peel skin.

SHAPING WAVE and DYNAMIC DRAINING, the 2 dynamic hand pieces

The “collaboration” of transducers and hand pieces allows you to get incredible results on multiple needs:
  • complete reduction of volumes
  • redefinition of the most difficult areas
  • localized action on fat pads or culotte de cheval
  • slimming of the abdomen,
  • specific drainage, anti-aging action
  • firming

Eosonic Evolution allows the simultaneous treatment of ARMS, ABDOMINALS and THIGHS.

To get the most out of this treatment, combine it with a low fat-carbohydrate diet and drink lots of water, your muscles need this.

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