Eosonic: Beauty System

26 March 2018

Body Sculpting is getting the ambition of women and men.

Beauty is not a hypothesis.

There is not a more tangible concept than beauty.

More the technology improves, more the requests of having a perfect body increases.

The beauty therapist is the new sculptor of beauty who operates through devices and products enriched by active ingredients to satisfy the client expectation.

But, perfection is subjective.

Today, for a woman is important to have a perfect body with its imperfections, which is not artificial or provisional because of cosmetic surgery that shape each body identically.

A sculpture shaped according to its own corporal body, a reinterpretation of connotations which makes them applicable to the body shape composed by curves and imperfections.

Technology, today, does not provide you another body, but it shapes your body maintaining the shape and imperfection and make them more beautiful.

For example, a woman affected by cellulite, if she undergoes treatments with the device 4-Shape, the cellulite will be reduced but she will keep the same shapes. A beauty treatment with 4-Shape replaces the need of liposuction.

She will be beautiful anyway……

And that’s the sculpture, an artwork because every woman will be differently beautiful from the others.

Panestetic represents the revolution of ideas in this context.

In fact every device is designed considering this objective.

Every device has its own function.

During these days everyone talks about a new Panestetic technology, presented in the last edition of Cosmoprof, one step ahead in innovation. 

EOSONIC EVOLUTION, the innovative version of Eosonic Silhouette Sculpture.

The technological maturity of a device, which in only one section can face several needs of a client thanks to a mix of possible treatments.

Thanks to its 8 transducers, which work alone and with 2 dynamic hand pieces, the beauty therapist can sculpture the body on single areas or globally using 3 technologies:

To reach the following results:
  • Reducing the volumes

  • Reshaping

  • Shaping

  • Toning

  • Accelerating the metabolism

  • Tissue regeneration

  • Drainage

  • Abdomen reduction

  • Localised action on fat deposits

  • Anti-aging action

Eosonic Evolution represents the new helpful assistant of Beauty Centres and the partner of the client who has different needs and beauty ambitious

To learn where to find a treatment with Eosonic Evolution , please feel free to contact the number +39  035 883087