Attack on Cellulite!

16 May 2018

Which is the aesthetic problem that most afflicts women?

We asked our customer beauty salons. The most suffered blemish is cellulite.

It is not a surprise. 

There is been much talk about it, on aesthetic magazines, in the show schedule, advertisement which promise miraculous creams.

But, what is cellulite, how is it formed and why are women afflicted by it?

If we ask to the interested parties, perhaps, few of them have the answer.


Cellulite is an inflammation of the connective tissue located under the skin, and it is usually accompanied by skin laxity, water retention and fibrosis of the connective tissue.

The adipose connective tissue is composed by adipocytes, (cells that store fat), water, collagen and glycogen, that are grouped under the skin layer forming a more or less thick layer, the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The increase of weight, the water retention and the reduction of collagen, which is important to maintain the elasticity of the skin, cause the enlargement of adipocytes to the point of pressing the surface of the skin upwards causing the orange-peel effect.

As we already know, there is not a permanent solution to heal from cellulite.

But it may be reduced. How? Attacking it, acting on the causes and interrupting the vicious cycle that is caused by it.

Use of technologies focused on it

The only easy and painless method to reduce the orange-peel effect is improving the circulation by using the new technologies.

Some of these, as Quin5 by Panestetic, are composed by multiple technologies which work in synergy to speed up the metabolism and favor the firming, toning of tissues and hydration.

Quin5 is able to determine the synthesis of new collagen reactivating the inactive cells up to 30%


There are foods that help to keep the skin’s tone and elasticity longer:

Meat and fish, Fruits rich in vitamin C, Vegetables, Food rich in sulfur, Soy milk, cheese, Tea, dried fruits, potatoes, algae and brewer’s yeast.

The foods that have to be consumed in moderation to avoid the increasement of fat are carbohydrates and sugars.


Pilates works on the muscles and elasticity of the skin. Long and slow movements keep the elastin intact.

Doing aerobic sport to improve circulation, such as swimming, walking and cycling.


As for all needs, the stimulation aimed at reducing cellulite is a process which has to be activated a long time before holidays and it requires constancy for maintenance.

It will need to keep fit and to have a radiant and bright appearance every day.

Contact us to know in which beauty salon you may find this technology.