Detersion and Exfoliation: the Beauty routine | Panestetic

Spring beauty routine? Cleansing, always. Exfoliation, sometimes.

March, the spring month, has finally arrived and it brought the need to freshen up our beauty routine, just like we do with our wardrobe to adapt it to the new season.

The skin is structured in three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.


It is the largest organ of our body and provides protection against external aggressions (environmental, mechanical and caused by chemical agents). The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum, which forms barriers composed of 20/30 cellular laminae, each one of which is composed by aggregations of dead cells. The more this layer is exposed to stress, the more it thickens by accumulating keratin and hydroxy ceramide, which is a lipid component responsible for the “shiny” effect on our face.

This is the reason why it is essential to cleanse the epidermis daily and it is necessary to carry out a correct exfoliation, even sporadically, to give new light to our skin by eliminating dead cells and excess sebum.

With the word cleansing we refer to the removal of all skin impurities, smog and cosmetic residues, water-soluble “dirt” caused by the lipid component, dead cells and the physiological process of desquamation.

It comes natural to clean our face using water, but actually this is not the correct cleansing procedure, because the increasing presence of limescale in drinking water inevitably leads to skin dehydration.


So, what’s the best spring daily beauty routine?

In the morning we recommend a light cleansing and the application of a toner to normalize the PH of the skin before proceeding with your usual beauty treatment involving cream/lotion/gel, in order to ensure a better penetration of the product and a perfect make-up.

In the evening our suggestion is to opt for a deeper cleansing. You should carry out a high-performance cleansing phase, apply the toner and then occasionally perform an adequate exfoliation.

The exfoliation is one of the most important treatments to eliminate dead cells, excess lipid substances and allow a correct penetration of moisturizing, curative and anti-wrinkle active ingr1dients.


This treatment can be performed in the following ways:
-Enzymatic chemical peeling,
– Grainy scrub (mechanical peeling by rubbing),
– Devices. Panestetic offers exfoliation treatments carried out with Dermopeel and Memiderm.


In order to optimize your daily cleansing, you should contact a qualified beautician who will propose a mechanical exfoliation using ultrasonic spatulas. It is a deep treatment that reinforces the beauty routine you follow at home to ensure the complete wellbeing of the skin.