How to slim down legs: technologies combined with treatments

21 June 2019

In order to achieve the goal of a body ready for the swimsuit season it is necessary to carry out a synergistic action: your commitment to observe a proper nutrition and engage in regular physical exercise at home together with targeted treatments will be a winning mix. For this reason, your routine in the following months will be very intensive and should include:

specific anti-cellulite and silhouette reshaping creams, to be applied in the morning and in the evening.
draining mud and bandages once a week.
targeted treatments with professional equipment following a plan recommended by an expert beautician

If your objectives include shaping, reducing, toning and slimming down your legs and belly, the treatment plan designed for you will also have to include various technologies that will work synergistically to redefine your silhouette.

Our Panestetic laboratories studied two innovative machines, which boast the implementation of technologies which can carry out a treatment that is customized for you, in order to achieve the best possible result. Every treatment plan will be absolutely personal, like the imperfection to treat and your needs.

We present to you our 4 Shape and Eosonic Evolution.

4 Shape, with highly specialized software and specific handpieces for each technology, is perfect to carry out tailor-made treatments.
Given that a simple reduction in volumes is not enough to reshape the lines of the body, it is possible to achieve different objectives:

• TONING tissues,
• ACTING against the signs of aging on the body,
• DRAINING and reducing liquids retention,
• COUNTERACTING the “orange peel” effect,
• MAKING the skin elastic and soft again by nourishing it and making it smoother.

Four different handpieces allow to carry out the following protocols:

1. Draining: handpiece with an innovative design and effectiveness in order to work with three different draining cups depending on the type of tissue to treat;
2. Shaping Wave: direct and incredibly effective action on localized fat, cellulite and edema thanks to the deep mechanical effect resulting from the considerable pressure force exerted by the energy wave;
3. Mesoporation: it delivers the active ingredients without needles for an effective and painless result;
4. Bioradiolift: produces a visible lifting effect on the skin which lost tone and needs to become firm and compact.


Eosonic Evolution is an ultramodern machine that combines the effect of transducers, which are real computers that work in complete autonomy, for a total body reshaping.

Eosonic evolution boasts 8 transducers that work autonomously with maximum performance thanks to 4 technologies:

1. Shaping Wave: with reducing, toning, shaping effect;
2. LLLT: to tone, speed up the metabolism and regenerate tissues;
3. Radiofrequency: to tone the tissues and the skin affected by the “orange peel” effect;
4. Fraxel or cold radiofrequency: it stimulates cellular receptors to increase metabolism, it favors drainage and it helps to counteract cellulite. It is excellent to slim down legs.

Moreover, the transducers are complemented by two dynamic Shaping Wave and Draining handpieces which redefine the most difficult areas to treat by favoring the drainage of body fluids.

Tested results, in the maximum comfort and safety of your trusted beauty center.
When will you start preparing for the summer? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!