The swimsuit season: the countdown has started| Panestetic

13 May 2019

Summer is coming, but don’t you feel ready for the swimsuit season? Follow our directions and you will be ready!

The swimsuit season: the countdown has started!

The swimsuit season is getting closer and so is the need to think more often and more seriously about taking care of our body.
During winter it is easy to indulge in the pleasures of the table and therefore hide our body, but when spring strikes we have no more excuses.
Here is our program to get ready for the 2019 swimsuit season.
1st phase: Detox
It is said that external beauty is the reflection of a deeper beauty that comes from within. Let’s take this idiom literally and start treating our body with a detoxifying phase.
In order to find well-being and to have a fresh start, it is essential to carry out a cleansing phase for your body, which means temporarily eliminating all the harmful substances that we ingest through certain types of food: pesticides, additives, unnecessary drugs, pollutants.
Our suggestion is to avoid alcohol, added sugars, dairy products, gluten, cured meats, caffeine, saturated fats and hydrogenated oils for 3 days.
Base 50% of your diet on seasonal fruit and vegetables and the remaining 50% on:
• Whole grain cereals.
• Legumes and tubers.
• Dried fruit.
• Fish, steamed.

2nd phase: Work out

Once the body has been cleansed, it is important to establish a weekly physical exercise routine which can be light, like walking, or more intense, like Jogging. Physical exercise should be carried out, if possible, outdoors to benefit from of the additional increase in muscle activation and greater oxygen consumption.

3rd phase: Body reshaping without surgery to fight cellulite

With the approaching of the swimsuit season, we experience the comeback of the issue of showing the most hated skin imperfection: cellulite, which is responsible for a series of complexes and inspired a whole body of literature.

Cellulite, or “pannicolo patem edematofibrosclerotica”, is a condition that affects about 80-95% of women of childbearing age. It is caused by a micro-circulatory stasis of the hypodermis with alteration of the tissue-plasma exchange. Cellulite is associated with localized fat, but can affect both lean and overweight people:
This problem presents three phases:
Edematous phase: cellulite is felt only through touch; it is an early phase in which liquid stagnation prevails at the tissue level.
Fibrous phase: adipose tissue is involved. The penetration of liquids at the tissue level causes the distancing of fat cells that are no longer able to perform their metabolic functions. The elastic fibers are compressed, the collagen fibers deteriorate and the capillaries are altered: small subcutaneous nodules are formed and the skin shows the well-known “orange peel” appearance
Sclerotic phase: the tissue is hard to the touch, large nodules appear; the skin shows the typical “mattress” appearance with hollows and spots. The affected area is cold and painful to the touch.

The first 2 steps we recommended are undoubtedly a good way to start the battle, but if you want to win the war, you need targeted help.

The expert eye of your beautician will be able to tell you with certainty which phase you are in and whether you will have more or less “work” to do.

However, there is no need to worry, even if your cellulite is in the sclerotic phase, today the new technologies will allow you to obtain excellent results.

Panestetic suggests two innovative forms of treatment to rediscover the physical form of your dreams and to reshape the critical areas of your body affected by cellulite, fat deposits and loss of skin tone: 4Shape and Eosonic Evolution.
The countdown to the 2019 Bikini Body has begun, so don’t waste any time!