Countdown to be in shape for New Year’s Eve

27 December 2018

Being in shape for New Year’s Eve is crucial, because we are going to face intense days  for celebrations, lunches and dinners.

In order to be in shape for those days it is fundamental to have two things: a detoxified body and a lot of good sense.

The resolution of being in shape should be a reminder to do not indulge too much.

Illuminating the FACE and detoxify the BODY

Face treatments

Cleanse the skin morning and night, gentle exfoliate the skin once to twice a week.

Use the right restorative skincare products.

Treatment recommended by Panestetic: Sinekron S, the best ultrasound device for the face.

Sinekron S allows to perform a deep but gentle facial, avoiding the annoying redness and swelling that occur after a traditional facial.

The action of the ultrasounds allows to remove dead skin cells giving a luminous and refreshed aspect.

Tip’s vibrations allows the removal of comedones without the manual pressing for an effective but also pleasant treatment for the client.

With spatula it is possible the delivery of active substances contained in serums and masks with a watery base to boost their effects and reach better results.

Sinekron S can be used before and after every face treatment and thanks to its gentle action is suitable even for sensitive skins.

Body treatment

Shape and drain your body from all toxins built up

Treatment recommended by Panestetic: Bandages by Electra Body Tech Cosmetics, Luxury Slim and Drain.

They are rich in active substances that guarantee visible and durable results since the first application.


The combo of Electra Body Luxury Bandage with press massage improves in a significant way the draining action.

Memiderm by Panestetic is the technology recommended with the bandage.

The action of compression acts both on venous and lymphatic circulation working on liquid stagnation.

It improves the drainage and removes wastes from extra-cellular environment.

Pre-New Year’s Eve nutrition

Our advices to make it to New Year’s Eve day in shape and to keep a balanced diet:

  • Drink water
  • A daily walk – at least 30 minutes
  • Introducing in your diet nutrients that help to eliminate toxins like green tea and pineapple

 Happy New Year!