Can I use your cream?

7 June 2018

A man should not use the products which are indicated for women and vice versa.

The skin of man is completely different from the skin of woman and also it ages differently. The formulations of cosmetic products for man are specially studied taking into account these differences.

Skin thickening

Men have 25% thicker skin, and the pores are more dilated. But the man’s skin contains more collagen than woman’s skin and the result is a slower ageing. 

Type of skin

The skin of man is oilier and it produces more sebum.


There are many factors that determine a slower ageing in men than in women.

Above all, the presence of a denser collagen. However, many men lose the genetic advantage of ageing because they do not protect their skin from the sun’s rays.


Men are more subjected to face sunburn because of the shaving. Indeed, shaving regularly facilitates the elimination of dead cells but it requires a longer period before an exposure to the sun to avoid sunburns.

Valid suggestions for woman and man

Given that the products to be used are different, the Ritual of beauty for man and woman may be the same.

Protect the skin from the sun’s rays using products with Sunscreen

The sun adds years to age, this is a fact. The sun’s rays are responsible of the 90% of the ageing of the skin. They damage DNA, reduce collagen and elastin and they obstruct the hydration of the skin. In addition, penetrating in the deeper layers of the skin, they cause the occurrence of spots and irreversible diseases.


If you want to look young, keep your skin hydrated. Over time, the skin loses its ability to absorb water. Therefore, it is fundamental to use products that help to retain water. Select those composed of hyaluronic acid, which has high moisturising properties.

Pause the ageing process

From the age of 20, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid begin to reduce. It seems like a point of no-return but it does not, if you use the proper products with antioxidant vitamins, Protection Factor and hyaluronic acid.


In contrast to what people believe, the exfoliating products are not reserved only for the female world, even men can benefit from it. They are a must to illuminate the skin and clean it deeply. It is recommended to prefer products with salicylic and glycol acid. 

It is easier than it looks!