Cleansing your skin is vital

26 November 2018

Using a cleanser is fundamental if you want to keep your skin healthy. 

Cleansing your skin is the first step to prevent and improve imperfections.

We should all do it morning and night to keep the skin clean and fresh. 

But how we should use cleansing products?

First of all, we must clean our skin in the proper way.

Use a good quality products that respect its natural balance.

The cleanser must not damage or affect the skin hydrolipidic film. 

This film consists of lipids, usually known as fats. They are produced by sebaceous glands, epidermal fats, fatty acids and cholesterol emulsified with sweat and transepidermal water. 

What is cleanser used for?

It is commonly used to remove makeup, skin impurities and sebum excess. 

Watch out, because also women who don’t use makeup must cleanse their face.

This because, during the day, debris and dirt build up on the skin. 

As, we should cleanse our skin in the morning to remove the impurities built up during the night. 

Which cleanser to go?

Cleanser comes in different forms: gel, cream, liquid lotion, makeup remover wipes, etc. 

Even if it’s not specified on the packaging it’s always better to rinse the skin off anyway with water.

We advise you to ask an expert for choosing the right cleanser for your skin and to learn how to use it properly. 

As we already mentioned, after cleansing it is necessary to use a TONER to restore skin’s natural PH and to help the products applied after (like creams and serums) to better penetrate into the skin. 

Toner helps to remove the damaging substances left by water, like chlorine and heavy metals, but also cleanser residues that contain surfactants and oils. 

All these substances are useless for the skin, and if they build up on its surface pore dilation and other disorders can happen. 

In conclusion, cleansing is vital. 

Always remember that, even if you’re feeling lazy, cleaning your skin properly and removing makeup before going to bed will allow you to keep it young and glowy.