Countdown to the Swimsuit Season

2 July 2018

The attention to the body shapes begins with the arrival of Summer.

Standing in front of the mirror, every detail is carefully examined, from the head to the feet, putting it to the test.

But not all parts of the body pass the swimsuit test.

Unless the date of departure for the seaside is tomorrow, there is still time not to be unprepared.

It is enough to follow some simple tips, from now.


To have a fit and healthy body, it is necessary to feed it with an healthy diet. Preferring fruits and vegetables, strictly in season, to bring nutrients and water to the body.

Fish and vegetables for a further intake of vitamins.

Sugars and carbohydrates should be reduced to the maximum, they become fat and cellulite and they are difficult to be discarded.


With a high external temperature, the need of drinking increases, to balance the loss of excessive liquid through sweating.

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep the skin hydrated, smooth and velvety


You do not pass the test if you have not a perfectly shaved skin.

Laser technology is increasingly gaining ground and points compared to the traditional waxing. The trend is choosing the permanent depilation to eliminate definitively hairs of legs, arms, underarms and mustache.

Delighter by Panestetic is the most used Diode Laser hair removal system. It allows the exposure to the sun already after 2/3 days from the treatment, it can be used on all types of skin and it is absolutely painless.


Crazy for the definition of the curves and the body sculpture. Also, in this case the aesthetic technologies help.

To reshape the body shapes, counter the effects of cellulite and the localized fat deposits on the hips, arms and abdomen during the winter.

4-Shape by Panestetic,

The word in itself says so. Dedicated to the beauty of the body. One of the most innovative and performing technologies

The results are immediately visible but they will be even more evident if they will be constantly performed and accompanied by physical activity and proper nutrition.

Good !! You did it. Now you are ready for tan!