After Halloween use the Bio-cellulose mask

5 November 2018

Beauty masks are essential in our fall skincare routine. 

It’s a good ally of anti-aging creams, serums and lotions which sometimes are not enough for a shiny and hydrated complexion. 

Face masks have lots of benefits. They allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin without evaporating. 

A lot of women use them as a daily treatment, for a deep cleaning of the skin, deep hydration and for a radiant complexion. 

Face masks to the rescue 

Beauty centres offer lots of different masks, but today we are talking about the Bio-cellulose one. 

Since it’s made of a natural material it feels like a second skin. It has a double effect because it absorbs toxins and releases perfectly the active ingredients for amazing results. 

It’s a must-have for all beauty centers. 

Bio-cellulose is a natural advanced fiber that is a hundred times thinner than the other plant-based fibers. That’s why it sticks to your face perfectly and your skin will absorb all the active ingredients in it. 

For an outstanding result, you definitely need the Bio-Cellulose Lifting Mask from Electra Tech Cosmetics, with a WOW effect. 

The active substances of Lifting Mask have an anti-aging and lifting effect.

They have been formulated to provide to your skin firmness, radiance and hydration in just 20 minutes.

Day after day your skin will improve. 

Lifting Mask it’s like a second skin with a double effect. It will stick to your face giving it hydration, absorbing sebum and minimizing spots. 

If you combine the Bio-cellulose Lifting Mask with the professional devices from Panestetic you will definitely have effective results.