The Pumpkin, nutritional, beneficial and thearpeutic facts

31 October 2016

Though this vegetable is less in calories (only 17 calories per 100 grams of pulp), it carries Vitamin A,B and E, with distinctive antioxidant activities, and two carotenoids such as lutein and xanthin,

Pumpkin fruit has important nutritional, beneficial and therapeutic features.  Is one of the incredibly rich in vital antioxidants, and vitamins.

Pumpkin contains a lot of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, sodium, manganese and zinc, as well.

Good also the amount of fiber and the vegetable.

Rich in different amino acids, such as arginine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and tryptophan.

The therapeutic properties of the pumpkin are due especially to beta-carotene, which can protect the circulatory system.

It is an anti-inflammatory and has some sedative properties: indicated for those suffering from anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

The consumption of the Oil of pumpkin seed is used externally for burns or when you have an intense itching,  with redness phenomena, have also a slightly diuretic function and facilitate the intestinal transit.

Pumpkin juice should calm ulcer and acidity of the digestive system as well.