Radio Frequency for Youthful Skin

17 January 2017

Wrinkles have always been the “enemy” number one for the face but unfortunately it is not the only one.

A pale color complexion and sagging skin can reveal the age as well.

Although furrowed by the signs of the time, the texture should be tight.

This is the only way to appear younger.

The current trend in medical research moves toward new treatments capable of “re-densify” the face, brighten and firm the skin

The trend is to move to non-invasive techniques, painless and reversible. Meaning, no surgery.

Among the most effective and innovative therapies, to re-densify the skin and relax the tissues temporarily, Dermatologists definitely recommend Radio Frequency.

A real painless alternative to the surgical facelift, without side effects. The results lasts up to six months after each treatment cycle.

How Radio Frequency works

RF works successfully on aged skin and hypotonic tissues, revitalising the metabolic functions of the skin cells.

It emits a gentle thermal effect that penetrates deeply and cause the contraction of the collagen fibres.

As a consequent the cells produce new proteins which counter the signs of ageing on neck, upper chest, face, abdomen, inner thighs and arms.

The treatment is indicated to combat the first sagging skin, starting from 35 years onwards, firms and gives better color to the skin, relaxes the fine lines and tighten the skin.

  1. Is an electromagnetic wave that develops a thermal effect on superficial and deep dermis; the biological effect is called denaturation of the collagen fibres from 5 to 30% (depending on the conductivity characteristics of the treated tissue).
  2. The consequence is an immediate contraction of the fibres and a stimulation on the fibroblasts with new collagen synthesis that leads to the increase of scientifically demonstrated dermal density.
  3. Results are similar to a facelift.
  4. Effect of the treatments is also progressive and improves in the following 4-6 months.
  5. The short duration of the treatment and any side effects after radio frequency are definitely a plus of the treatment.
  6. It is actually considered a “lunch therapy”, also called lunch facelift, since the treatment takes less than an hour and the only side effect that may occur (in only 5% of cases) is a slight skin redness lasting only few hours after the treatment.
  7. The effectiveness of the treatment, finally, has been proven by recent scientific studies in at least 80% of women in which the results are visible right after the first treatment and improved in the following six months.
In conclusion, we can safely say that among the non-invasive methods the new radio frequency technique is definitely the treatment that guarantees the safest results in the short and medium run.

So, you can have a young face without using invasive and dangerous therapies that requires a big investment in money and time.

Among the technologies most effective and at the forefront of innovation, we suggest Zoner and Quin5 manufactured by Panestetic.

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