Toned arms in 3 steps

19 June 2018

With the arrival of Summer, most of the clothes we wear are sleeveless and we want show our arms confidently. 

The flabby arms are more embarrassing for people who have them than for those who see them, like the belly. 

We do not feel well with ourselves. 

To know if your arms have lost tone, do this test: Raise your arm perpendicular to your body, fold it at a right angle.
If under your arm the skin has let go and sways, it means that it is starting to lose tone. 

The magic word is TONE-UP.

As in all of our articles we recommend to get ready in time, when we want to show a part of our body easily. 

How to give again tone to our arms?

Through a three steps program.
  1. Targeted exercises
  2. Nutrition
  3. Targeted aesthetic treatments

The skin of the arms is thin and very delicate and it may easily lose firmness and tone. In this part of the body, circulatory stagnations may occur, causing a weighting of the all tissues.  

By following some simple suggestions, throughout the year, it is possible to limit the damages and maintain the arms toned and fit. 

1. Targeted Exercises

In particular, it is recommended to choose the Gentle Stretch Gymnastics such as Stretching and Pilates, Aquagym and swimming. 

2. Nutrition

A correct lifestyle and a nutrition rich in antioxidants are the formula to fight the passing of time.

Fruits and raw or barely burned vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and at least 1.5 liters of water a day.  

3. Targeted aesthetic treatments

Panestetic recommends: Radiofrequency and Mesoporation

  • First of all 4-Shape by Panestetic, it combines in a synergistic way four different technologies for customized treatments as slimming, shaping, reducing and toning.In particular with the use of Shaping Wave, a direct and incredibly effective action is exerted on localized adiposities, cellulite and edema thanks to the deep mechanical effect due to the considerable pressure force created by an energetic wave.Therefore, it is perfect to fight the atony of the arms.
  • Another technology is Zoner, by Panestetic is a multifunctional technology which combines, with versatility, 3 different technologies: Biostimcell, Radiolift, Mesoporation. In particular, Mesoporation is a way to vehicle the active ingredients deeply, needleless, painless and in total safety. Its action shall be more efficient if it will be combined with the E-Tonic vials of Electra Cosmetics.
  • Finally, E-Tonic, by Panestetic is a fluid gel for body, which has a toning and firming effect. It contains Ginseng, one of the best in the world for its active ingredients, and the equisetum extract, known for its elasticizing properties.  
If you want to get further information, visit the Body Radiofrequency Devices and Electra Tech Cosmetics sections.