Tonic Lotion, Secrets for a healthier skin

28 October 2016

Is the first product that we apply and it is important to choose the most suitable for everyone, because once absorbed, the active ingredients in it, play specific and targeted actions.

You don’t have to remove the tonic lotion with water, you just have to apply it on the skin with a cotton pad until the skin is completely dry.

There are tonic lotions with numerous activities depending on the type of skin: moisturising, soothing, purifying.

In order to have a healthier skin you will first need to worry about having a good hydro-lipid film, which is our “natural cream”.

Its functions are very important: it keeps the skin soft, elastic, hydrated and form a coating natural acid (pH 5, 5) on the surface of the skin which prevents the intrusion of harmful substances and the colonisation by pathogenic microorganisms.

The choice of a detergent and a tonic lotion and their proper use is fundamental for the integrity of this film; the use of soap or harsh detergents or not using the tonic lotion at all, significantly alter the hydro-lipid film.

On the contrary professional products suitable for the type of skin help to protect it.

Cleansing your face properly is therefore the first important daily activity that helps to preserve the integrity of the skin as long as possible, helping to slow down the process of skin aging and increase the effectiveness of the products such as serums or creams that are applied to the skin.