Body Wrap for a pleasant sensation of lightness to your legs

29 April 2018

Temperature rises up and legs swell up

Don’t give up on wearing your summer light and colourful skirts because your legs swell up because of the heat.

During the Spring and the Summer legs tend to swell up because of the warmer temperature which increases the sensation of heaviness. 

The heat induces the dilatation of the veins causing a stagnation of blood by facilitating the liquids leakage into the tissues. 

This mechanism causes swelling, heaviness and pains to the lower limb. 

The first daily solution, following the suggestion of angiologists, consists in the use of compression stockings, that compressing the veins externally, they reduce their dilatation. 

However, during the summer, wearing this type of stockings could be intolerable.

Therefore, we shall use valid and lasting alternatives which can facilitate the drainage, improve the swelling and also slim

In this period, beauty centers are busy of women who want efficient treatments to minimise the swelling and water retention. 

One of the most requested solution is the treatment with bandages. 

The Bandage – Electra Body Luxury, Slim and Drain

A real bandage with cotton gauzes enriched with active ingredients which are able to recall, thanks to the osmosis, the liquids which are trapped between the cells.

There are two types of Panestetic bandages (body wraps): Slim and Drain. They produce visible and lasting results from the first session.  

If your need consists in diminishing the fat deposits, choose the bandages SLIM. On the other hand, if your need is draining, because you are affected by water retention, choose the bandages DRAIN. 

Our beauty centers use them successfully. 

How to apply the bandages Electra Body Luxury:

1 hour posing, restful and with immediate visible and lasting results. We recommend at least 8/10 sessions. 

  1. Skin is being prepared for the treatment using a scrub.

The beauty therapist applies it from the soles of the feet, coming up, passing the gauze around the leg without pressure. 

  1. After the time of posing, gauzes are unrolled. The beauty therapist makes a soft but deep massage to allow the precious gel, remained on the leg, to be absorbed. The gel continues to act even in the following hours.
  2. To boost the result and obtain an immediate effect, the treatment ends with a presso-therapy treatment (Linfopress) which increases considerably the efficiency of the draining action. 

Other suggestions  

Drink lots of water, walk for at least 30 minutes a day, eat healthy.

Have you already tried the bandages? Tell us your experience.