The Bride’s list

14 May 2018

The great day is coming and planning the perfect hen party, finding a funny and original solution, is becoming increasingly difficult. 

In the past, in occasion of the hen party, it was usual to hang out with friends making whoopee.

Nowadays, the trend has changed. The hen party is still celebrated but it is dedicated to beauty.

It is very common to meet in temples of beauty as SPA or beauty salons, to appreciate the company of friends in total relax. 

Or, imagine yourself in a beauty salon, cuddled, massaged and with the chance to try all the advanced treatments of beauty. 

The bride has to be in shape for the wedding, but also her friends.

Make your hen party memorable for you and for your friends!

The Bride’s list

Planning your hen party beforehand, booking a cycle of treatments to be perfect for your wedding day.


Smooth legs without hair

No more hair on your body with Delighter. The permanent hair removal system with diode laser which solves any unnecessary hair issues. 

Clean and firm skin without spots 

From wrinkles to skin spots, from stretch marks and scars to bags and circles. Dermopeel is the innovative answer to give to the skin an immediate youth effect.  

Bright and tense skin. Lifting effect 

Reduce the face aging effect, the skin laxity, the atony of the skin with the Radiofrequency. Try Zoner, 3 technologies in only one device, for a successful anti-aging project.  

Dry and drained Body 

Goodbye swelling legs, water retention and stagnation of the lymphatic system with Linfodrainer.  

Shaped, tone and firm Body

To reduce volumes, sculpt shapes and regenerate tissues, we propose Eosonic, the revolutionary innovation which reduces the orange-peel effect, the swelling, localized adipose and flabs. Or 4shape, to feel fit and shape the parts of your body.  

Try the amazing biocellulose Lifting Mask, which contains high lifting and anti-aging proprieties. Lifting mask adheres perfectly to the contours of the face as a second skin, activating a transfer process of the active ingredients obtaining the maximum of the efficiency. 

Now you are ready, and also your friends are, for the great step.

Let that the countdown begins!

Contact us to know in which beauty salons you can get these treatments and where you can buy the products.