Light as a Butterfly

16 July 2018

The feeling of tiredness inhibits the movements. 

The heat certainly does not play in favour of those women who suffer from swollen legs.

In the morning, you feel light but then, as the hours pass, legs swell up.

In one of our last articles, we spoke about bandage, an efficient help for the stagnation of liquids.

But there are several solutions to obtain lighter legs, eliminate the feeling of tiredness, pain and heaviness.

We have to choose the right one or combine more solutions to obtain the maximum from the technology.

Motivated by the “wanting to be lighter” and by “not giving up on walks under the sun“, submit yourself to the sessions of ENDODRAINAGE.

The word drainage is composed of endo, inside and drainage that comes from the verb to drain.

Draining means: to drain and to take out the liquid.

And this is exactly the function of drainage, a deep massage, performed with specific handpieces to perform a suction, a slight suction of the skin, aimed at making the stagnant liquids circulate again. 

Just try and see! At the end of a session, it seems to fly.

The suction is performed with special handpieces, which tickle and relax during the session.

The effects of the drainage are:
  • Facilitation of Lymphatic return
  • Stimulation of circulation
  • Disposal of toxins and then detoxification of the organism
  • Giving back mobility and softness to the tissues

As consequences:

  • Swelling decrease
  • More elasticity of the tissues
  • Skin oxygenation
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Edema reduction
  • Are you ready to take an appointment and try the drainage treatment?

Are you ready for an Endodrainage Treatment?

Every day, our beauty salons use successfully Quin5, 4Shape and Linfodrainer, devices certified by Panestetic to help women who, as you, want to feel lighter. 

As every treatment, to be efficient, it has to be repeated over time.

Who has tried it, said:

Amazing, apart from the immediate visible results such as deflated and slimmer legs, just outside the beauty salon, I felt lighter and healthier”

After the first session, I was thinking of take an appointment for another session, because I immediately felt the benefits on my circulation”.

If you have tried, tell us about it, here, in this blog.