How to apply a beauty product

20 February 2018

Many of us wash the face and apply the cream randomly, sometime they get some treatments and that’s it.

However, others follow diligently every single step of this real beauty ritual.

At least three times a day, we have a fixed appointment with our skin.

In the morning when we make up, in the evening when we remove our make-up and after the shower.

The constant of these appointments is our beauty products and their right applications: how and when.

Let’s talk about the face cream. We apply it before putting on make-up and before going to sleep.

It has to be respected the order of application of the products but it is also important how they are applied.

Not everyone knows that there is a method through which it is possible to obtain the maximum from the product application, only following simple steps.

In a beauty salon, this ritual would take even 15 minutes.

Applying a product randomly corresponds exactly to not to apply it at all.

There are cosmetics that do not request the total absorption whereas others that need time to be absorbed.

It exists a specific method of application for each product. Let’s see which one:


The cleanser shall be applied with a circular motion using the fingertips, from the inside out.

It is recommended to remove carefully the detergent and then to apply the tonic, which has two fundamental functions: to eliminate eventual remained impurity and to maintain the Ph of skin prepared to receive products which will be applied later, to make them act properly, obtaining the best results from them.


The eye contouring skin is really delicate and it is the part of our skin which shows, for earlier, the ravages of time.

Dab a small quantity of the product under eyes, using the ring finger. Proceed gently dragging the product along the area of the orbital bone. Take care to avoid touching eyes and eyelids.


The serum has a different molecular structure than cream, indeed it may be liquid or in a light gel form, because it has to be absorbed easier than a cream and it has to penetrate deeper. It penetrates in the skin and works from inside out because of its lightness.

Apply the serum following the same modality of the cream until the total absorption, its function consists in working deeper.


Apply gently a generous amount of cream on the face with gentle motions of the fingertip, upwards, from the nose to the cheekbones, from the central part of the forehead outwards, from the jaw upwards. These motions are used for beefing up the skin.


As explained in the previous articles, most of the people forget to have even this part of the body, which is also really important, because, as the eyes countering, neck is the area which shows, for earlier, the signs of ageing of the skin.

Having a less quantity of flab and less sebaceous glands, this area tends to dry and ripple easily.

As in the case of the face, apply the cream gently with motions upwards until the total absorption of the product.


First step, select the lotion which fits better with our needs.

Creams with heavier texture need a further massage to be absorbed but they are more efficient for the hydration.

After the shower, the application of a cream is obligatory.

Applying the cream on wet skin may facilitate the absorption.

Start the application of the lotion from the bottom up, smearing small quantities of the cream on legs, upper body and arms and conclude with hands and foot, focusing particularly on dry and rough zones.

To obtain efficient results, it is recommended to use products aimed to solve specific needs.

Having and maintaining a cured, healthy, fresh and shiny skin is a synonym of natural beauty and it is the best dress we can wear.